Never lose your owner's manual again. The Red E Vault provides an inexpensive way to retain the mold's owner's manual and operational history.
Red E Vault
On-Board Owner’s Manual & Data Storage
Data where you need it, when you need it
The Red E Vault is a virtually indestructible, patent pending, 8GB flash drive that attaches directly to your mold, die or other asset. The Red E Vault has an aluminum body that is water and solvent resistant in addition to being unaffected by magnetism.

The Red E Vault Advantage
  1. Easy access to important data and files such as drawings, bill of materials, pictures, repair history, etc
  2. Files stored on the Red E Vault can be encrypted with AES 256 encryption
  3. Acts as an on-site backup location for your data stored in the 123 AMS system
  4. Never lose your owner's manual again

How to use the Red E Vault
  1. Plug the Red E Vault into your Microsoft Windows computer/laptop/tablet using the provided USB Cable
  2. Launch the user-friendly Red E Vault software (this free software does not require I.T. department involvement in most cases. The most recent version is available for download here.)
  3. Drag desired files into the main file window (add descriptions and assign categories, etc. if desired)
  4. Secure files, if required (AES 256 encryption included)
  5. Install Red E Vault (instructions)
  6. Connect Red E Vault to a computer with internet access to add new files or to back up your 123 AMS data with a single button press

Download Instructions

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